Saturday, 8 August 2015

Watch Me Grow - Two Months

Here we are! Two months old already. Lauren is starting to come into her own and has been changing a lot this month. The most exciting change is that she is now smiling and cooing, which makes all of those late nights worth it! She especially loves watching her sister run, play and jump around all while singing and generally acting crazy. She's sticking out her tongue and "talking" back to you, and that big gummy grin is just the cutest thing ever. she has also discovered her hands! They are usually covered in slobber and I think she's trying to see exactly how far into her mouth she can fit them.

The least exciting change this past month was around week 7 she decided that she only wanted to take 25 minute naps, just like her sister. Since this isn't my first rodeo with a bad napper I decided to nip that in the bud and she is now napping in her swing almost all the time. She still sleeps great at night in her crib, so my pediatrician let it slide :)  We can work on napping later - we all need her to rest properly during the day so the swing it is!

She had her two month appointment a couple of days ago and she is weighing in at 11 lbs 6oz, over a full pound heavier than Kaitlin at the same age. I know I shouldn't compare the two of them but 1) it's impossible not to and 2) it actually gives me great peace of mind that she is in the 50% percentile for weight rather than the 15% like Kaitlin was. She has been such a good little eater pretty much since day one (even though she sometimes has a terribly lazy latch), I haven't had to worry about if she is getting enough to eat or not. She is measured 23" long which is two inches longer than the last time we saw the doctor. We won't be back for another two months, I wonder how much she will have grown by then!

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