Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Twenty-first and Twenty-second Months

Can someone please stop time from flying so fast? In less than two months we will be celebrating Kaitlin's second birthday and I know that it will be here in no time. While it is so fun to watch her grow and get bigger, I don't want to loose my baby!

Kaitlin has been learning at such a rapid pace over the last two months. She has easily doubled her vocabulary since the last update (now has around 40 words and is learning at least one or two new words each day), knows some colors and some shapes as well. Best of all she is developing quite the little sense of humor. If I ask her to find the red square while we are playing the shapes game, she will purposely run over to the blue circle and look up at me with a little smirky smile and start laughing! She also thinks that running away from me when I try to get her in the car is funny, which I certainly do not. She also loves to "joke" around with her stuffed animals and other toys, which is so fun to watch.

Kaitlin has some exciting visitors over the last two months. Grammie (who is now "Nana") and Pop-pop ("Papa") spent a week visiting and Kaitlin could not have been happier. She warmed up to them almost immediately and definitely went through withdrawal when they left. She started saying "nana" and "papa" while they were here along with a ton of other words. And while they were here, Brian and I got to go on our FIRST vacation by ourselves - woohoo!! Kaitlin was having such a good time with her grandparents that she barely noticed that we were gone for two days! And just recently we had her Aunt Maggie in town for a visit! Talk about best friends for life - Kaitlin was instantly enamored with Maggie and fell in love with her fiance, John! She made two awesome friends in a short period of time and I know she misses them both. It is really hard for Kaitlin to say "Aunt Maggie" and when she did try to say it, it came out as "Amy" So...Maggie is now known as Amy in this house!

The last couple of months have also included a bit of resistance and rebelling from Kaitlin. She learned how to say "no" (before she would say "uh-uh") and she quickly started saying it ALL the time. We are having trouble getting her to help clean up her toys and follow directions, although that is all to be expected at this age (and probably for a while to come). Needless to say, she doesn't really like "helping me" with chores like she did in the last update! She still likes to help me "fold" laundry, but mostly so she can hoard it, not to put it away. She also had her first really bad sickness. For a while she was waking up every two weeks or so with a high temperature. At the end of February (or was it beginning of March?? The days are running away from me) she woke up practically in a panic and she was burning hot - she had a fever of 104+. I immediately gave her some Advil to get the fever down and she finally calmed down after having some water and milk. She slept on my chest for a while and we got her fever down to 101. After two trips to the pediatrician and three days with a fever they finally determined that she had an ear infection. A round of antibiotics later and she was back to normal. Though I have noticed that since that time she is REALLY clingy to me and seems to need a lot more comfort (has been sucking her thumb A LOT and wants/needs her favorite stuffed animals all the time) than usual. Hopefully it is just a phase!

I am going to try really hard to post an update at 23 months and then again at 24, but I'm not making any promises. If you would still like to read a monthly update of sorts, please check out a new project I am working on over on my business blog (Tracy Lynn Photography) - "Letters to my Daughter". Letters are posted at the end of each month :)

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