Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Watch Me Grow - Nine Months

Booooooo. Such a bad mom. I totally and completely forgot to write a nine month recap for Lauren. I'm sorry Lauren, such is your fate for being the second child. Let's see how much I remember from two months ago.....

Lauren FINALLY was able to get rid of her ear infections. It took another round of antibiotics but we finally kicked that sucker to the curb. The ENT actually didn't find anything during our appointment with him, but two days later wouldn't you know it - it was back. Luckily we have been ear infection free since then.

Lauren got TWO more teeth during her ninth month, and they broke through right as Auntie Colleen came into town to watch the girls while Mom & Dad took a little trip away! Good for us - bad for Auntie Colleen. The drool that comes out of this girl when she is teething is just amazing. Bibs for days, people. Bibs for days. Her front middle teeth just barely popped through as she turned nine months old. Another big accomplishment on the eve of her nine month birthday??


She finally did it!! By her nine month birthday she had JUST started taking a few little crawling steps here and there. Take a couple, sit down. Take a couple more, sit down. She also discovered that she LOVES standing up. It's like as soon as she started crawling she realized there was a whole new world of mobility that had been opened up to her. Mind = blown.

Lauren celebrated her very first Valentine's Day. Unfortunately all she got was to watch her sister inhale candy and a valentine card that called her a "chunk-a-monk" - which is our favorite nickname for her. Hopefully she lucks out a little better next year.

She also got to graduate to big girl toys. I finally noticed that the rattles and stuffies weren't really doing it for her anymore and decided to break out some new toys for her to play with. Current favs are Kaitlin's Sofia the First castle, activity cube and a medicine box full of random blocks/toys that she can sit and sort through for a solid 30 minutes. I'm so glad I remembered that that kind of toy was a hit with Kaitlin, she absolutely loves it!

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