Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Fourteenth Month

Ok, more like fourteen and a half, but I have a good excuse! We've been on vacation (again!!) and have finally returned and are getting back into the swing again (but not for long, we are off again this week - someone send lots of wine).

The fourteenth month was pretty exciting for Kaitlin. We took our first big vacation as a family and departed for our second big vacation. She loved spending time with friends in Jackson Hole and loved meeting the whole gang. She's isn't really used to being around a lot of kids and people for a long time, so spending a week in a house with 6 adults and 4 kids was a bit of a shock to her!  She was a bit timid at first but she quickly warmed up to everyone and had a blast! She did a pretty good job on all of the flights there and back (four total, you can read some of our flying tips here) though I have to say it's not my favorite activity to do with her!

She celebrated her second July 4th holiday and did her country proud wearing her red, white and blue! What a difference a year makes, right?!

Kaitlin managed to get TWO molars this month which was super fun in the least way possible. Not only are they huge teeth but they take FOREVER to come in all the way. She won't let me feel around to see if the other two are coming in yet which makes me think that her gums are extra sore because they are on their way! That or she just doesn't want her mom shoving her finger into her mouth...weirdo ;)

checking out the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

Eating has been a little bit of a challenge this month as she is getting more and more assertive about what she wants to eat, or more likely, what she DOESN'T want to eat. She is getting pickier by the day (it seems) and most days I am just thankful to have a handful of faithful standbys that sometimes make up her meals for a whole week (oatmeal, eggs, peanut butter sandwiches, bananas - sometimes, and blueberries are usually a safe bet). During our trip to Jackson she pretty much lived on those 5 foods, with a veggie pouch thrown in here and there.

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